Our initiative

We aim to unite creators, communities, and companies across the AI and Film industries.

From June 17th to July 16th (UPDATE), push the boundaries of AI filmmaking, share your epic creations with the community, and wow our expert judging panel for over $28,000 in cash and credit prizes!

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Competition Categories

3D Animation

Inspired by the pwnisher 3D render community, animate a character and background in a unique stylization with AI video workflows.


From your perspective as a storyteller, make a film that can has both next generation AI visuals AND an impactful narrative. No matter the technology, there has to be a good idea behind it.


Part of what makes the AI community so amazing is its advocacy for open-sourcing, sharing, and education. In the Behind-The-Scenes category, you’ll have the opportunity to spotlight yourself as a creator, and showcase the techniques, tools, and hard work you put into your 3D Animation, Music Video, Narrative, or Open Format submission.

Music Video

Create an AI music video or visualizer using an original song that you've produced or made with an AI music tool.

Open Format

Want to create a experimental art, a visualized poem, a movie trailer, a spec ad, or something else entirely? The Open Format category covers everything!


June 17th

Additional details on rules and prizes are announced, and the competition officially begins!

July 16th (UPDATE)

The competition period closes and submissions are due at 11:59pm PT.

July 15th-21st

Community voting occurs and finalists are selected.

July 22nd-29th

Final judging occurs and Project Odyssey winners are announced on the 29th!


The 3D Animation, Music Video, Narrative, Open Format, and Behind-The-Scenes all have independent prize pools and you can enter multiple categories.
Gold Prize

$1000 cash + $1000 credits/subscriptions

Silver Prize

$500 cash + $500 credits/subscriptions

Bronze Prize

$250 cash + $250 credits/subscriptions

Community Choice

$500 cash + $500 credits/subscriptions

Beginner Award

$250 cash + $250 credits/subscriptions

Participation Award

All participants will receive a unique animated badge for Project Odyssey on Civitai

Organizer and Premier Sponsor Awards

Civitai Award

$500 Cash + 1 year Gold Membership

ElevenLabs Award

$500 Cash + 1 year Creator Subscription

ThinkDiffusion Award

$500 Cash + 1 year TD-PRO Subscription

Morph Studio Award

$500 Cash + 1 year Creators Program Membership

LensGo Award

$500 Cash + 1 year Mega Subscription

Domo AI

$500 Cash + 1 year Pro Plan subscription

DeepMake Award

$500 Cash + 1 year Creator Subscription

Neural Frames Award

$500 Cash + 1 year Neural Knight Subscription

Tripo AI Award

$500 Cash + 1 year Professional Subscription

FBRC.ai and AILA Award

FBRC.ai Artist Residency Program and 1 TB Apple Vision Pro (to the best solo filmmaker)

Luma Award

1 year Pro Subscription

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Judging Panel

Eric Solorio (enigmatic_e)
AI Filmmaker and VFX Artist
Matt Wolfe
AI Filmmaker and Founder of FutureTools.io
Sebastian Kamph
AI Educator
Tyler Bernabe (jboogx.creative)
AI Filmmaker and Head of Social Strategy & Content Marketing at Civitai
Justin Hackney
AI Filmmaker, Creative Director at ElevenLabs, and Founder of Realdreams
Christie Lau
Digital Artist and Realdreams Representative
Ring Hyacinth
AI Filmmaker & Morph Studio Representative
Wes Walker
AI Filmmaker & ThinkDiffusion Representative
Flawless Real Talk
Musician, Rapper, and Entrepreneur
Joy Wine
AI Filmmaker and LensGo Representative
Bryan Lyon
Open-Source AI Expert and DeepMake CTO
Nicolai Klemke
Founder and CEO at Neural Frames
Rachel Joy Victor
Co-Founder at FBRC.ai
Barkley Dai
Product and Growth Lead @ Luma AI
Luis Riancho (TechHalla)
AI Filmmaker and Creator
Justine Moore
Partner at a16z
Aaron Sistos
AI Venture Capitalist
Coco Nitta
Grammy-nominated Producer and CEO at iKHOR Labs
Founder of Banodoco
Dani Van de Sande
Founder of Artist & The Machine